Fertilizer, Pesticide & herbicide Usage

SB Longhorns may periodically use fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  We are not an organic ranch.  However, we take a very minimalist approach to the use of these products.

Fertilizer - We often use fertilizer to improve the quality of our grazing and hay pastures.  We believe the prudent use of fertilizer is beneficial to our cattle (higher protein content grass).  Although we do use fertilizer, we are careful about the amount we use.  We did not use any fertilizer in 2009. 

Herbicide - We sometimes use herbicides on our grazing and hay pastures.  Our hope is that once we get our fields in good shape, we can significantly limit our herbicide use.  Our goal is to provide our cattle with a very high quality grazing pasture.  We believe this will; 1) result in a higher quality beef product; and 2) allow us to be a good neighbor.  Weed control helps not only my operation, but my neighbors.  If they control weeds and I don't....well, you get the picture. Historically, we have used herbicides on an every-other-year basis to maintain quality pastures.  We did not use any herbicides in 2009.

Pesticides - As of December 2009, I have never used any pesticides on my pastures and I do not currently foresee any future use.

Again, we eat the same beef that we sell to you, so you can be assured that we take great care to provide you with a very high quality product.