We offer GRASS-FED beef.  Our cattle are never put-up and "finished" on grain.  We want to offer you a very natural/basic and nutritious beef product.  The only feed supplements our cattle receive are described below:

*Alfalfa Cubes - Alfalfa cubes are considered "grass" in a grass-fed beef program.  Cubes are used so that we can corral our cattle when needed.  They are used very infrequently and only in very small quantities most of the year.  However, during winter, we sometimes feed alfalfa cubes to supplement winter grazing when winter pastures cannot provide the needed nutrients.  Cubes are used sparingly just to provide needed nutrition, never to fatten cattle. 

Minerals - Mineral blocks and supplements are provided "free choice" to our cattle at all times.

Hay - Hay is fed in winter months to supplement winter grasses - much of the hay is cut from our fields.

We eat the same beef that we sell to you, so you can be assured that we take great care to provide you with a very high quality product.