SB Mammas Boy

DOB   04/17/2005
Sire   Zhivago
Dam   SB Snowy Girl
Service Sire   N/A
Due Date   N/A
TLBAA #   BA73817
Horn   TTT = 00" 
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****** Sold  -  March 2, 2006 *****

This is nice little bull calf by Zhivago on top and WR Texas Longhorn on the bottom.  WR Texas Longhorn means the bull was registered to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.  This is the refuge that was instrumental in saving/preserving the Texas Longhorn breed.  His momma is 100% WR.  He is very gentle, not bashful, and will eat out of your hand.  He's not exactly what I need so I am offering him very cheap trying to find him a good home.



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Royal Mounty


  Miss Texas Ranger 262
  Safari B 496
Don Quintana
      Safari B 119
      WR Texas Longhorn
WR Texas Longhorn
  SB Snowy Girl


  WR Texas Longhorn
  WR 2390+
US 95108
      US 89079

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